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Basically, they are EVIL byproducts of very INNOCENT organisms... They usually produce these toxins as a defense mechanism or just a plain normal part of their system...

We need GOOD products to surpass these toxins... Obviously, it is named as "anti-toxin"... I thank those people who named it like that... Students would be happy and it will not take much of their time thinking of the cure for toxins...

just remember... TOXINS...... ANTI-TOXINS!!!

That was just a brief background of the main topic... now, for the main reason writing this blog...

PLANT and ANIMAL toxins!!!!... (just 3 examples each.. don't get excited too much)

Plant (barely a part of a plant) toxins...

APPLE SEEDS- unfortunately, it is not the plant itself... But it is the seed of the plant, so it counts anyway... an apple seed contains amygdalin, a scary compound that can produce hydrogen cyanide, a potent toxin... yes, and i don't have any idea why that explain how scary it is... so let me simplify the thought... apple, it has seed, the seed has amygdalin, amygdalin produces hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen cyanide is a toxin which catalizes the release of CYANIDE in the intestine... yep, a minute amount of cyanide won't harm the body, but a very large amount of amygdalin would cause a terrible effect... so please, avoid too much apple seeds....

TOMATO LEAVES- again, its not the plant itself, but the plant's leaf which is toxic. The leaf of a tomato fruit contains atropine a terrible toxin for the heart, in large amounts, it could cause; tachycardia (very fast pumping of the heart), dizziness and nausea... It could be good though, it is used as a drug to treat bradychardia (very slow pumping of the heart).

CASTOR OIL PLANT- at last! a real plant example... Ricinus communis, these plant is considered toxic, due to the presence of ricin, it could cause a burning sensation in mouth and throat, abdominal pain, purging and bloody diarrhea. Scary? well, we should be, it is considered as most poisonous plant in the world according to the 2007 Guiness Book of World Records... AND CASTOR OIL SEED IS ALSO PRODUCED IN THE PHILIPPINES... cool right?

moving on... to the next three toxins... ANIMAL TOXINS.. c:

THREE ANIMALS THAT CAUSE A SINGLE TOXIN... instead of explaining the three animals each; i would now just explain the toxin they all cause... the NEUROTOXIN... (basically, I am just tired of typing too much information that is related to my main article...)

Black widow spiders, scorpions and Box jellyfish all cause neurotoxicity on people...

Neuro - nerve, nervous system, brain
Toxin- Refer above... now if you're too tired of scrolling up and down, I'll explain it... it is a byproduct of a organism which can cause pain and problems to their victims..

Neurotoxin, usually interacts with membrane proteins and ion channels (these are part of the cell membranes/ attached to the cell membranes). Neurotoxins would now induce certain problems to the nervous system upon interaction... And it is usually acquired through eating raw food, sting from the aforementioned animals and basically, just making a fool of yourself and doing something idiotic and ingesting a large amount of the said toxin (which is impossible to happen)....

needless to say, toxins are deadly, harmful and dangerous.. Thus, we must avoid them at all cost.. or collect them and give them to our enemies, make the suffer and pay their sins.... okay, don't do the latter part.. that's just too bad..

Thank You for reading this boring article... :p

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by the way, there is another toxin... the medtechtoxin... it is induced in the 3rd and 4th year level of a med tech student, the student would encounter too much stress and struggle throughout the aforementioned year levels...

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Anterior Pituitary (a student's poem)

If you're wondering about this article,
Its a cheap poem about the obvious title.
Anterior pituitary, my title says,
That endocrine gland's function and nothing else.

Oh wait, let my mind be at fix,
I'll also gonna tell that hormones are six.
I will describe each one of them,
Like looking at six leaves of a single stem.

Anterior and posterior pituitary are controlled by hypothalamus,
Like students controlled by the principal in a campus.
Posterior pituitary have ADH and oxytocin,
While anterior pituitary have GH, ACTH, TSH, LH and prolactin.

This poem's focus is anterior pituitary,
And I have already done my introductory.
I'll start with the growth hormone,
Responsible for the growth of my body and bones.

The prolactin on the other hand,
Responsible for milk secretion as seen in the mammary gland.
Adrenocorticotrophic hormone or just the plain ACTH,
Is like a magic of adrenal formation and secretion from a pituitary gland mage.

Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH),
Both stimulates formation and secretion just like girls stimulated by the music of Boyzone.
Lastly, luteinizing hormone for the adrenal gland,
Targets ovaries (girls) and testes (boys), thank God for creating this plan.

Anterior pituitary, I can't say no more,
I'll stop now, because I'm sure, your eyes do sore.
Oh God, I am tired, so please listen to my prayer,
I'm a medtech student and I don't want to be a poem maker.

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(the picture has got nothing to do with the poem, it just shows the frustrations and perseverance that I presented just to write such poem)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Endocrinology, Toxicology and Drug Testing -a student's point of view

Endocrine System- my favorite body system. According to infamous historians, endocrine came from three group of words/phrases combined...

En - Energy - most famous hormones are adrenalin and noradrenalin
Doc -Doctors - they use hormones to identify certain specific diseases related unto it
rin - ends with "in" - most hormones ends with the suffix "in" or "ine" but some ends with "one", "ide", or just plainly the word "hormone"

Okay, i just made those thing up.. Now back to the real deal...

Endocrinology- the study of the endocrine system

it is a branch of science (from the word "ology") which deals with the hormones on how they work and their processes. Sounds boring? Think again... Example of hormones at work would be cortisol (a stress related hormone) and oxytocin (the bonding hormone), they all work together when two lovers kiss. They are responsible for the fast beating of the heart, incredibly good feeling and a lot more. Another good example would be epinephrine (secreted by adrenal glands) and norepinephrine, they are responsible for people who seemed to be not getting tired and amazingly becoming strong enough to carry heavy things without any sweat at all. Yep, hormones are like superpowers and super-enhancers that God gave us.


Toxicology - deals with the study of such adverse effects of toxins, drugs, poisons and toxic chemicals to a human persons body.

all of the said things are said be dangerous if we take them in our body. Such adverse effects should be taken seriously and use every knowledge on curing it thoroughly.

What is the importance of Toxicology?
In the field of medicine, specifically medical technology. Toxicology could help us on medico legal cases and diagnosing certain effects of toxic chemicals, drugs, poisons and toxins on patient.
Medical technologists also use their knowledge on toxicology on Drug testing (which is to be discussed on the next article).


Drug testing - basically, it is used for the determination of such substances on a person's body. Specimens to be used ranges from the hair, saliva, urine, blood and sweat. Such substances to be identified are alcohol, amphetamines, methamphetamine, MDMA, barbiturates, phenobarbital, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis, Cocaine, codeine, cotinine, morphine, heroin, LSD, methadone, PCP.

it is important for helping employers pick a rightful employee and for criminal cases wherein illegal drugs are involved..



The thought of making a blog for the three topics is a challenge for us first timers.. But it would encourage medical technology students to enhance their grammatical abilities and prowess..


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